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Illinois Concealed Carry Class Reviews

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"This is the place for you"

If you’re looking for great training from true professionals, then this is the place for you. I’m a 21 year military officer with extensive experience with all different types of weapons systems, but I was able to get some great tips from the instructors that the military never taught me. The instructors at West Suburban are knowledgable and friendly. They took the time to make sure everyone felt comfortable with their firearm, so that makes them perfect for everyone, no matter what your experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely seek them out for follow up refresher training!

- Justin Osberg
West Chicago

Thanks Joe and Terry! You guys took a class, that some people may consider boring due to its legal nature, and made it informative as well as exciting. All the presentations and videos were professionally prepared and provided a great foundation for the entire class. You both kept the class moving forward and made sure there was never a dull moment. Your knowledge and motivation on all the topics made this class extremely enjoyable and I personally look forward to attending some of your advanced courses in the future.

- Chris Bilik
River Grove

I wasn’t sure what would be required to qualify for a conceal carry permit, however after attending WSCC training, those concerns disappeared. Joe and Terry are world class trainers, know the conceal carry requirements, get you ready to feel confident on the Illinois law and provide real life, practical exercises to prepare successful students to lawfully conceal carry. I highly recommend WSCC and guarantee you will not find two better instructors to get you ready for initially conceal carrying in Illinois. In addition, they provide practical home protection and firearm safety fundamentals. Their other training offerings will on continue building your confidence and keeping your conceal carry skills sharp.

- Don Saunders
"Excellent Class"

Excellent class run by two experienced and knowledgeable police officers! As a woman with no prior experience with guns, they made me feel comfortable in the class. They even provided me with a .22 revolver to use to qualify at the range since I had not yet decided which firearm I should purchase to carry. I highly recommend West Suburban Concealed Carry!

- Sherry Parker

As a person who has been handling guns for over 18 years, I thought I was going to walk into this class and be bored out of my mind for 16 hours. Let’s just say that was not the case. Joe and Terry did an excellent job teaching the class, providing us with real life scenarios and challenging our thought process. The relationship those two have really works well and it transfers over to how they teach the class. At no point during the two days did the material get dry or boring. They did an excellent job in keeping me engaged in the class. They were very meticulous when covering the ENTIRE law surrounding concealed carry, and provided me with clarifications on parts of the law that seemed confusing. Overall, I honestly feel that when I walked out of class, I learned something, and that is what I was hoping to achieve with this course. Carrying a gun 24/7 carries an enormous amount of responsibility and they made sure to prepare me as best as possible with the tools needed to make the correct decision should I ever need to draw my firearm. The class was excellent and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Steve Magna

This class is absolutely a five star experience all the way. While I had previously taken an 8 hour NRA basic pistol class, this two day class took everything to an entirely new level. The experienced police officers who teach this class, Joe and Terry, are highly knowledgeable, articulate, professional, and teach the reality of self protection and individual responsibility with respect to using and carrying a firearm. They have a complete curriculum of gun knowledge, practical handling experience, the legal and psychological aspects of responsible gun ownership and use. They draw from many examples of real life experience, and explore the consequences and legal ramifications of gun use. Joe and Terry also kept the class moving at pace, interspersing some great humor, but always giving you food for thought and practical experience advice. Learning for a police point of view was fabulous! The insight there really tied the entire program into one cohesive package that was invaluable. The class wa a mix of ages and gender, and everyone was made to feel comfortable and valued. i would not for a second hesitate to recommend their class! I look forward to practicing all I learned. and taking another of their classes. Go learn and be safe!

- Kristine King
"Joe and Terry are awesome"

Joe and Terry are awesome. Went way above and beyond just teaching the class. Totally on top of customer service and really fun. The 2 days flew by and I really got way more out of the class than I expected. I have taken other classes in the suburbs for firearms training and they weren’t even in the same league as Joe and Terry. These guys are real police. They have no egos and they work their butts off for you! Thanks guys!

- Brian O’Dea

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your class. I had considered skipping the first day since my NRA Instructor training would have allowed me to do so--I am very glad I did not. There was a great deal of new material and I learned a tremendous amount from your unique perspective as Law Enforcement Officers. I enjoyed the skill drills, and particularly enjoyed the range time--very different from my usual mundane target shooting.

Thank you, gentlemen!

- Robert John
"I will be able to protect my family, myself and others"

This past weekend I attended the 16 hour conceal carry course that was presented by Joe and Terry. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course and practicals in addition to the scenario based situation examples. Joe and Terry are very experienced law enforcement professionals, their training techniques were informative, interesting and enjoyable. These instructors know what they are doing and they do it well. The class was full and participants who came from various towns and cities throughout the Chicagoland area. Even though I was waived from the first day of class being a retired Marine Corps Veteran, I wanted to attend the class which provided to me an excellent knowledge and practical base for concealed carry. Though some of the information was a review you always learn something different and I did. I recommend this course to anyone who is planning on getting their conceal carry license for Illinois. I personally feel that with practice and review I will carry when licensed and I will be able to perform in a reasonable manner in the event I am threatened with deadly force. I will be able to protect my family, myself and others. Thanks again Joe and Terry for a great class. Stay safe and take care.

- Dave Lieutenant Naperville Fire Department 33 years
Master Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps 28 years
"Highly Recommend"

Joe and Terry are knowledgable and professional instructors. I did not have much experience handling a firearm and was nervous about being one of the few woman in a large class of men. They made me feel comfortable and during the tactical and range training were patient and helpful. I walked away from the class feeling comfortable handling a firearm and knowing my responsibilities once I receive my concealed carry permit. I was not looking forward to spending 16 hours of my weekend in a class, but they managed to make it both interesting and enjoyable.

- Tina Pitman

Just completed and graduated from the 1/31 and 2/1 concealed carry class put on by West Suburban Concealed Carry with Joe Motto and Terry Madler. I found this class to be extremely informative and most excellent use of my time in pursuing a concealed carry permit. Joe and Terry, both currently working full time as police officers bring a current teaching perspective with examples and first hand experience pertinent to today. Both Joe and Terry communicate clearly and are effective in creating an informative, upbeat interesting day, filled with pertinent information that we all can apply to our everyday life whether pursuing a concealed carry permit or not. Joe and Terry created a positive environment conducive to all levels of firearm experience-some having 30+ years of experience to others with almost none.

- Brett Saxon
"Great Training, Great Trainers!"

I had to attend classes that were both after very long work days and was concerned that I'd doze off. The time flew by as the instructors kept lively and genuinely interesting presentation moving at a very good pace. With multiple decades of police and SWAT experience, these two active duty officers, who are trainers at their departments, went through theory, law and practical drills that were all centered around making us competent, prepared armed citizens.

I can't say enough about the fascinating and valuable insights we got from being trained by sworn police officers. They shared their experiences and helped us understand how to interact with the police while carrying. We had a diverse group including female students and they took the time to work with each one of us individually instead of preaching to us in a one-size-fits all delivery.

Whether you have never touched a firearm before or have been shooting for years, you will leave the classes feeling prepared.

- Paul Strater